How To Make Bookmarks

Once in a while I have a customer or just someone interested in what I do ask me how to make bookmarks. So I put together a video as I was doing a client project so people can see how these are done.


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Printed bookmarks are a fun DIY project – if you already have the right tools on hand because you’re into crafting. But if you’re only planning to do just one small project for yourself, the initial cost outlay for the more heavy-duty tools may dissuade you from taking on the task.

But not to worry. If you’re doing them just for yourself or for a rainy day project for your kids, you can choose not to laminate the bookmarks at all. Or you can use a heated laminator with a pouch or even stop by an office supply store and pick up some laminating sheets.

If you already have a traditional guillotine paper cutter on hand, you can use that for a one-time project too. But be sure it’s sharp enough to cleanly cut through the laminate.

You can also leave off the tassels or substitute ribbon instead.

Here are the basic instructions for how to make bookmarks:

What you’ll need:

Step #1 – Design Your Bookmarks
You can use MS Publisher, MS Word or any other desktop publishing program you’re familiar with, as long as you can set up the page for bookmarks.

Step #2 – Print Your Bookmarks
The best printer for full color is a printer with 4-5 separate ink cartridges, each cartridge is a different color.

Step #3 – Laminate Your Bookmarks
If you want durable, long-lasting bookmarks, it’s best to use a cold-roll (or heat-free) laminator, not a laminator that uses pouches and heats the bookmarks inside the pouch.

how to make bookmarks-laminator
Step #4 – Trim Your Bookmarks
The best tool for cutting apart and trimming the laminated bookmarks is a rotary cutter, not a guillotine paper trimmer.

Step #5 – Optional – Hole Punch Your Bookmarks
If you’re going to add tassels (or ribbon or any other embellishment) you’ll need to punch holes in the top of the bookmarks. I use the Fiskars 1/16” size for the smaller holes.

Step #6 – Separate and Finish Trimming Your Bookmarks
Using the rotary paper trimmer, finish separating and trimming the edges of the bookmarks.

how to make bookmarks-trimmerStep #7 – Optional – Rounding the Corners of Your Bookmarks
Use a corner rounder craft tool to trim the corners round. This gives the bookmarks a finished and professional look, as well as protects the corners from splitting.

Step #8 – Optional – Adding Tassels
You can add bookmark tassels of any kind or you can make your own tassels. For smaller, personal projects, you can add ribbon instead of tassels.

Use a Crochet Needle to Attach Tassels – You’re working with a small hole, so I find the US2/2.2mm size works best to pull the tassel through the hole.

And that’s how to make bookmarks!

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